Zionist regime’s warplane presence over Lebanon as tensions way deep over Iranian scientist’s assassination

On Monday, the Lebanon witnessed an increase in Israeli overflights, at medium and low altitudes, as the Israeli air force carried out mock raids over several areas.

The Israeli warplanes flew over the airspace of southern Lebanese areas, and continued their flight from the city of Nabatiyeh to the region of Tuffah, where they carried out mock raids at low altitude, and the flight continued the course of the Litani River, and the capital Beirut and its environs recorded an intense flight of Israeli warplanes.

The airspace of the coastal city, Saida (Sidon), and east of it, witnessed Israeli flights at medium altitude.

The Israeli warplanes were seen over the Jbeil District, where they flew intensively and at medium altitude in the airspace of the town of Al-Matn, and over the heights of Keserwan, while the border areas recorded an intense flight of Israeli warplanes, at a very low altitude, over the areas of Hasbaya and Al-Arqoub, reaching the heights of Mount Hermon, and the Syrian Golan.

Secretary-General of the Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, had previously warned Israel, that “any war against Iran will not remain at the borders of Iran.”

Furthermore, the increase in Israeli overflights come just days after the assassination of the nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh near the capital city, Tehran.

Iran has accused Israel of playing a role in the assassination; however, the investigation is still ongoing.

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