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Zionist Saudi Army attack on Rabu’ah ends in Saudi disaster: 28 Saudi soldiers killed


Saudi-led Coalition has suffered another devastating loss in southern Saudi Arabia after launching a wide-scale offensive at the city of Rabu’ah in the Asir Governorate. Aggravated over the loss of Jabal Al-Doud earlier this week, the Saudi Royal Army conducted a massive assault on the Yemeni Army’s defensive positions at this mountaintop outside of the city of Rabu’ah. However, the Saudi assault did not go as planned, thanks in large part to the Houthis and the Yemeni Army, who refused to yield any territory to the Coalition forces.

The Saudi forces were eventually forced to withdraw from Jabal Al-Doud and the city of Rabu’ah after the Houthis and the Yemeni Army killed 28 of their soldiers on Sunday morning. As a result of the Saudi withdrawal, the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard and the Houthis have established full control over the strategic border-city of Rabu’ah in the Asir Governorate.

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