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Zionist Servant Saudi Arabia aids Brutal Al Khalifa to crush Bahrain protests

Saudi Arabia aids Al Khalifa
Iranian lawmaker Mohammad-Saleh Jokar says Saudi Arabia assists the repressive Al Khalifa regime to crack down on peaceful protests in Bahrain.

“With the help of Saudi Arabia, the monarchical government of Manama suppresses Shia Muslims,” Jokar said on Wednesday.

Saudi forces were deployed to Bahrain in mid-March 2011, to help the Manama regime launch a brutal crackdown on peaceful protests. Saudi forces have also reportedly worn Bahraini police uniforms when cracking down on protesters.

A report on December 26 revealed that a Saudi military unit established by the late Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, has been assisting Bahrain’s Al Khalifa regime in its crackdown on anti-regime protesters.

The specially trained military unit, named Fahud Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, has been operating in Bahrain to help the kingdom’s forces silence ongoing demonstrations against the decades-long rule of the Al Khalifa royal family.

“With the help of their security forces, the rulers of Bahrain…severely crack down on the defenseless people and then they praise those forces for protecting the stability and security of the monarchy,” Jokar noted.

The lawmaker further pointed out that the Western powers are trying to prevent the overthrow of the Al Khalifa in order to use this puppet regime to reach their goals.

Jokar added that the hereditary dictators in Bahrain are afraid of reforms and have always steered clear of introducing reforms in Bahrain.

The uprising in Bahrain began in mid-February 2011. Dozens of people have lost their lives in the crackdown, and the security forces have arrested hundreds, including rights activists, doctors and nurses.

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