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Hizbullah Hakverdi

21 August 2017 11:13

"Late Sayyed Aref Hussain Hussaini is actually a rare and dear person whom Islamic Revolution has raised. He was born in Pakistan and had a short life, but he dedicated his whole fruitful life to knowledge, wisdom. He went right on the Qur’ani and Nabawe path of Imam Khomeini r.a with love, and spent his life fighting against Imperialists and...

20 August 2017 14:18

"Imam Khomeini r.a is one of the major Imams of the Muhammad Ummah (asm) who has marked our age and all ages in the future in terms of Revolution and Qiyam (Risin Up)." Prominent Sunni Scholar Ostad Hizbullah Hakverdi (Hilmi Kocaaslan) From the book ‘Hejrat From Person to Community, From Community to State’ Page: 141  

8 July 2017 13:16

  Ahlul Bayt in Quran, from the book  “The Reflection of Ashura Culture on Imam Khomeini’s Personality”  written by Prominent Sunni Scholar Ustad Hizbullah Hakverdi (Hilmi Kocaaslan) with Ahlul Sunnah sources, was translated into English. Click to read the first part of this book in PDF format.

22 June 2017 20:17

  Preface: The Islamic revolution of Iran has set a long-term pragmatic strategy in a bid to launch a justice-based peace in the region and reclaim the rights of the oppressed Palestinian nation. The strategy aims at countering almost a century-long Zionist plot that has shattered the lives of Palestinians. The proposed peace strategic plan predicts the delivery of justice to...

22 June 2017 19:36

“Islamic Republic of Iran has put Masjeed Al-Aqsa, Quds and Palestine on the world agenda and made all faithful hearts happy. Thus, Islamic Republic of Iran has given the real importance of Quds to itself in terms of Islamic and Quranic meaning. Zionism and Imperialism are blocked, destroyed, and burnt by the Divine Duty of Islamic Republic of Iran.” Prominent...

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