15 European countries apply for Tehran’s oil show despite sanctions

Despite the European Union’s sanctions against Iran’s oil sector, oil and gas companies from 15 European states have thus far put in a request to take part in Tehran’s 17th International Oil, Gas, Refining, and Petrochemical Exhibition.

“So far, 1,255 domestic and foreign companies from 44 countries have registered to take part in this international exhibition,” Eshaq Rouyvar, the director of the 17th Iranian oil show, noted on Thursday.

He added that despite the international sanctions on Iran, the number of the countries participating in this year’s exhibition has increased about 10 percent compared to the last year.

Rouyvar stated that the participants include 940 Iranian and 315 foreign companies, Mehr News Agency reported.

“So far, companies from Austria, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the UK, Italy, Iran, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, China, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, France, South Korea, Malaysia, Norway, the Netherlands, India, Uzbekistan, Australia, Ukraine, Indonesia, the US, Brazil, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Romania, Zambia, Japan, Sudan, Iraq, Oman, Finland, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Canada, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Mongolia, Mexico, and Nigeria have registered” to take part in the exhibition, Rouyvar said.

The official added that a conference on the promotion of production capacity by relying on national labor and assets will be held on the sidelines of the Tehran oil exhibition.

“The specialized conference will consist of four specialized panels on oil industry and international trade, the commercialization of the oil industry technologies and promoting domestic capabilities, promoting structures and methods of attracting financial resources for the development of the oil industry, as well as the performance and outlook of this industry for promoting the [domestic] production capacity by relying on national labor and assets,” he said.

The 17th International Oil, Gas, Refining, and Petrochemical Exhibition will be held at Tehran’s permanent International Fairgrounds on April 17-20.

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