16 zionists heaviliy wounded in Tel Aviv stabbing attack


At least 16 Israelis have been wounded, with six being in serious condition, in a stabbing attack by a Palestinian carried out on a bus in central Tel Aviv.

Israel’s Channel 2 said the attack took place on Wednesday on a bus on Menachem Begin Road.

Israeli police forces reportedly shot the assailant in the leg near the scene of the incident.

The wounded Israelis suffered injuries to the head and neck.

Witnesses say the attacker stabbed the bus driver, making him incapacitated and unable to open the doors in order to allow passengers to escape. The doors were eventually opened by the passengers themselves.

The attacker has been identified as a 23-year-old man from Tulkarem in the West Bank.

Two Israeli settlers were wounded in a similar attack last November in East Jerusalem al-Quds.

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