2000 women and children held hostage by terrorists transported to housing centers

20131012-214505The Social Affairs Ministry, Damascus Countryside Governorate and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) transported 2,000 women and children from Muadamiyet al-Cham area who had been held hostage by terrorist groups to temporary housing centers.

The women and children were transported to housing centers via buses, while sick and elderly people were transported using ambulances provided by the SARC.

Social Affairs Minister Kinda al-Shammat said that this step was taken after terrorists began preventing supplies and relief from reaching the area where these people were located, affirming that the government is committed to providing good living conditions to these people.


In turn, Damascus Countryside Governor Hussein Khallouf said that the Governorate provided the temporary housing centers and the supplies needed for the people who will be staying in them, particularly children, to help them overcome the ordeals they experienced.

General coordinator of this initiative Fadia al-Lahham said that more women, children and elderly people will be evacuated from Muadamiyet al-Cham, in addition to people who need urgent medical aid, with this being carried out via cooperation with local sides and the authorities.

Khallouf and al-Laham lauded the role of the Armed Forces in helping evacuate the citizens from the area.

Al-Shammat and Khallouf supervised the arrival and reception of the citizen at a housing center in Qudsaya area, the distribution of humanitarian aid among them, and conducting medical exams.

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