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9/11 pretext to wage crusade war on Muslims


The US Machiavellian maneuvering in the 9/11 saga has been aimed at launching a “crusade war” on Muslims and disintegrating the strategic governments across the Middle East, an academic writes for the Press TV website.

In a Saturday article, Iranian author and Middle East expert Dr. Ismail Salami described 9/11 as an incident that polarized the global politics into two distinct junctures, with the post-9/11 era “wreaking havoc on the entire world, particularly on the Muslim world.”

“The post-9/11 era provided the US government with a pretext to wage a war on terror or to put it more precisely, to wage a crusade against the Muslim world and to accelerate and vindicate their efforts in destabilizing regional strategic governments, thereby drawing nigh to their monstrous objectives,” Salami wrote.

The analyst described 9/11 as a US-choreographed tragedy explicitly aimed at spearheading a sinister agenda of massive-scale ‘regime change’ in the Middle East.

Salami elaborated on US efforts to overthrow the Iranian governments in the post-9/11 era, including the 2007 allocation of USD-400 million to CIA-led operations against Iran which ranged from spying on the country’s nuclear energy program to supporting rebel groups opposing the Islamic establishment.

The analyst also alluded to Washington’s regime change agenda in Syria following the outbreak of popular movements in the Arab world in 2011, arguing that the US dream of installing a puppet regime in Syria within six months is now “shattered to smithereens.”

“Washington’s agenda on regime change in Syria and Iran has hit the brick and any such efforts are indicators of desperately muddled policies of the intelligence think-tanks in Washington in retaining their dominance in the region and counteracting the mounting political sway of the Islamic Republic,” Salami pointed out.

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