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Afghan women do not report rape by US Army

Afghan women do not report rape by US Army

Secretary General of the Afghan Red Crescent believes the Afghan women and girls do not report rape by the US military for the fear of shame.
Muhammad Naeem Dindar stressed: “many Afghan women and girls, do not report rape by foreign military personnel for fear of shame, and we have had 15 to 20 reports regarding this so far.”

He said: “prevalence of various diseases, including cancer and birth defects of children such as hole in a heart is the consequences of the War.”

He added: “in addition to the specific economic damages, women and children have been affected the most [by the war].”

Finally he pointed to the displacement of more than 5 million Afghani caused by the US war against the country and said: “Any war is going to have consequences for many people in that country. According to the United Nations report, a third of Afghans live below the poverty line.

Their daily income does not exceed one dollar, and ultimately people are forced to migrate to neighboring countries for better living, where they are also faced with its own problems.”

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