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Al-Jazeera slams Egypt censorship

Al-Jazeera has denounced the closure of its activities by Cairo authorities, saying Egypt’s order to ban the Arab satellite channel is aimed at censoring the voices of the Egyptian people.

On Sunday, the Egyptian government ordered the shutdown of its operations in the Arab republic of Egypt, and the annulment of its licenses, as well as withdrawing the press cards to all its employees.

Following the government’s order, al-Jazeera said the move was aimed at “censoring and silencing the voices of the Egyptian people.”

The report comes as Egypt is bracing for a sixth day of protests against President Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule.

Latest reports say crowds of people are massing in the capital Cairo’s central Tahrir Square, as an overnight curfew ended in Cairo and other cities.

The protesters have dismissed Mubarak’s appointment of a vice-president and prime minister, calling for Mubarak’s ouster.

On Saturday night, thousands of Egyptians defied the curfew and remained on streets.

Meanwhile, thousands on Sunday escaped two prisons, one in north of Cairo and the other in the capital’s southwest.

Looters broke into Cairo’s famous Egyptian Museum. They ripped off the heads of two mummies and damaged small artifacts before being caught.

Many shops and stores have also been ransacked and residential buildings have been attacked. There are reportedly no signs of police preventing lootings.

The number of people killed in protests since Tuesday is reported to be at least 100. More than 2,000 were also injured in clashes that have rocked Cairo, Suez, and Alexandria.

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