Al-Quds institution urges Islamic summit to act in support of Aqsa Mosque

Al-Quds international institution appealed to the conferees at the Islamic summit held currently in Makkah to adopt a united, clear position and take action to curb Israel’s violations against the Aqsa Mosque and its intention to divide it.

In a statement on Saturday, Al-Quds institution said the dangers threatening the Aqsa Mosque escalated in recent times significantly and serious attempts aimed at dividing the holy Mosque started to emerge.

It added that one of these attempts was the draft law that was submitted to the Knesset for discussion by its right-wing member Arieh Eldad who called for specifying the Fridays for Muslims and the Saturdays for Jews to visit the Aqsa mosque.

It highlighted that the Israeli intention to divide the Aqsa Mosque between Muslims and Jews is similar to the scenario that had happened to the Ibrahimi Mosque in Al-Khalil city which ended up with Israel imposing its full control over the Mosque.

It warned that such Israeli attempts to divide and seize the Aqsa Mosque have shown up lately in conjunction with a report issued by the US state department calling on the Palestinians to allow the Jews to pray in the Aqsa Mosque and the decision of the Israeli municipal council in Jerusalem to classify the Mosque as public places.

Al-Quds institution demanded the Islamic summit conferees to internationalize the Israeli violations against the Aqsa Mosque and give the Israeli regime an explicit warning of the consequences that would come out if it persisted in its schemes against this Islamic holy site.

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