Anti-government protesters in Iraq, Lebanon torch flags of US, Israel

Anti-government demonstrators in both Iraq and Lebanon have set fire to American and Israeli flags in a show of anger at those believed to be the main instigators of the recent unrest gripping the two Arab countries.

The Lebanese news website Al-Ahed released a video on Friday showing Iraqi protesters setting Israeli and US flags alight and stepping on them at Baghdad’s Tahrir Square.

Waving national flags, the Iraqis also chanted slogans against Washington as well as the Israeli and Saudi regimes during the rally.

At the start of October, street protests erupted in several Iraqi cities over unemployment and a lack of basic services.

The rallies resumed on October 25 after a pause of about two weeks, but took a violent turn. 

In Lebanon on Thursday, demonstrators burned Israeli flags in Beirut’s Riad al-Solh Square, shouting ‘Death to Israel’.

The protests began in Lebanon on October 17 when the government proposed imposing a tax on Whatsapp calls, along with other austerity measures.

Prime Minister Saad Hariri stepped down on October 29, surrendering to one of the demands of the protesters, who accuse the ruling political elite of dragging the country to economic collapse.

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