Anti-occupation attacker Assem Barghouthi arrested by zionist Israeli forces


Israeli occupation forces on Tuesday claimed that they arrested the Palestinian anti-occupation attacker Assem Barghouthi, suspected of killing three Israeli soldiers in the West Bank’s Givat illegal settlement outpost in December.

Assem Barghouhti, a Palestinian in his 30s, was arrested in the Abu Shukheidem village, northwest of Ramallah.

Barghouti, from the West Bank village of Kober, has been accused of taking part in an anti-occupation attack carried out in partnership with his slain brother Salah near Ofra settlement.

Saleh was assassinated by the occupation army on December 13 in Serda town, north of Ramallah.

His father has been held for a total of 28 years in Israeli occupation jails. His uncle Nael is the longest-serving detainee in the world.


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