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Army Chief Stresses Failure of US Maximum Pressure Due to Iran’s Smart Resistance

Commander of the Iranian Army Major General Seyed Abdolrahim Mousavi underlined that the US and its allies have failed in their attempts to exert maximum pressures on Iran due to Tehran's smart active resistance.

“The enemies have understood that they will have a fate like (former Iraqi dictator) Saddam if they make any aggression against the Islamic Iran’s borders,” General Mousavi said, addressing a forum in Tehran on Tuesday.

He referred to the enemies’ economic war against Iran, and said, “Our strategy is smart active resistance which has defeated the enemy’s maximum pressure (policy).”

General Mousavi also expressed the hope that the victories gained by the regional people in Yemen, Syria and Iraq against the enemies, spearheaded by Washington, would accelerate annihilation of the arrogant system and the Zionist regime.

His remarks came after Governor of the Central Bank of Iran Abdolnasser Hemmati underlined ineffectiveness of the US sanctions against the country, specially the new embargos against the CBI.

Hemmati made the remarks on Tuesday after his recent meetings with the governors of different countries’ central banks in Kuwait.

“Many central bank governors of the regional states have emphasized that the US weapon has become dull and they were happy with the good conditions and stable economy in Iran and voiced pleasure that the US sanctions cannot be effective anymore,” he said.

Hemmati said that despite the US pressures, many countries were willing to cooperate and underlined their friendship with Iran.

The CBI governor said that during meetings with his counterparts, he elaborated on the Iranian nation’s resistance and the government’s plans to diffuse the US maximum pressure on the country.

The US Department of the Treasury announced in a press release on Friday that its Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) had taken action against the CBI, the National Development Fund of Iran (NDF), and Etemad Tejarate Pars Co. under its counterterrorism authority.

Hemmati said on Saturday that the recent US move to re-impose sanctions against the CBI, which has been already sanctioned, proved that Washington was left with no leverage to pose further pressure against Tehran.

Hemmati said that re-imposing sanctions on Central Bank of Iran indicates that US hands were empty and no other leverage was left for Washington.

If such measures were effective to impose cruel demands of the US administration, the economic conditions of the country would have been different now, he added.

The US administration has been driven to failure over the past year, and it shows that sanctions have become more ineffective than any time and Iranian economy has proved its tolerance against sanctions, Hemmati highlighted.

CBI’s success and stability in the market show that fortunately trade and financial transactions are being accomplished through ways which cannot be subject to the US sanctions, he noted.

Fortunately, we have passed the era of circumventing sanctions so that foreign trade can no longer be sanctioned, Hemmati stressed.

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