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Assad: Syria Tolerates Everybody, Sedition Thwarted


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad asserted that Syria has always tolerated the different segments of its people; otherwise, it would not withstand its struggle against sedition which will be completely staved off, depending on the public awareness.

The Syrian president considered, in an interview with Syrian state newspaper Ath-Thawra, that any real revolution must be based on internal public efforts and led by intellectual elites and ideologies, not controlled by foreign powers as what happened in Syria since 2011.

Bashar Assad described what happened in Egypt as a fall of the “Political Islam,” saying that it is a political system promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and other countries.

“The cracks in our Arab societies are attributed to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood who played a negative role, especially after the independence,” he added.

“The Muslim Brotherhood project is hypocritical because it actually aims at stirring seditions in the Arab world as was clear in Syria since the seventies.”

“In this region, they tried by all means, including the direct and indirect colonization, to carry out cultural and security violations, yet Syria frustrated all these conspiracies,” Syrian President asserted.

“After the revolutions in some Arab countries, the conspirators thought that they could implement the same revolution sample in Syria; consequently, they began altering the identity of the enemy and the ally–they turned the Lebanese resistance that fought the Zionist entity to be an enemy, and labelled the latter as an ally, or as an invisible enemy,” he added.

“They have also accused the resistance of having a sectarian project.”

Concerning Qusayr battle, President Assad stressed that the Lebanese resistance views Syria as its strategic depth, so its participation in the battle was logical.

Yet this must not be considered as if the Syrian army was in need for the Lebanese resistance in that battle, according to President Assad.

“If so, why did not we need it in the other battles?” he asked.

Assad considered that the Syrian army is strong and possesses all what the battle needs concerning weapons and fighters, especially after it was supported by a large number of fighters that belong to the public committees.

“Truth is clear for Syria, the Lebanese resistance, and for all who support us,” he underscored, “Our aim and the means to achieve it are also clear.”

“Whatever they state, we will reach our aims,” Syrian President emphasized.

Bashar Assad denied all allegations that the battle in Syria is sectarian, asserting that every state relies mainly on its unity.

“The sectarian environment leads to a downfall, not to a victory,” Syrian President Assad concluded.

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