Assyrian Christians celebrate anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s entrance to Iran

Assyrian Christians of Orumiyeh, northwestern Iran, celebrated the 42nd anniversary of Imam Khomeini’s return to Iran (February 1, 1979).

The participants in the ceremony prayed for the country and people of Iran.

A provincial official of West Azarbaijan said in the ceremony that Imam Khomeini returned to Iran in a condition that religion was driven to isolation and attempts were made to annihilate it.

Hojattoleslam Naser Khodayari said that revival of religion and religiosity was a fruit of the Islamic Revolution, which opened a new path before both Iranians and other nations.

He said that in an era that no one dared to speak of spirituality, Islamic Revolution revived spiritual values.

Daryavush Azizian, the priest of the Assyrian Church of East in Oroumiyeh, said in the ceremony that the people of Iran from each and every ethnicity and group united to help to the victory of the Islamic Revolution take place.

The ceremony was held with the presence of several Assyrian Christians and a group of provincial officials.

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