‘At Your Service, ‘israel’’: Journalist Serving zionist Interests


It did not seem neither contradicting nor bothersome at all for the Managing Editor of NOW, Hanin Ghaddar, to recently not only sit in at the same conference as former “Israeli” prime minister and war minister, Ehud Barak, but to also do some service to “Israel” by speaking against the resistance that brought hope and pride to the Lebanese victims of the Zionist crimes.

Of all criminals in the Zionist entity, Ghaddar chose to tackle the Hizbullah resistance party and further serve the “Israeli” interests alongside Barak at the 2014 Weinberg Founders Conference in the US last Thursday.

During the conference under the title of “Strategy and Leadership: America’s Core Challenges in the Middle East,” which was held by The Washington Institute for Near East Policy [WINEP].
While Ghaddar was supposed to address the crisis of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, she focused at length on Hizbullah instead, clearly showing the promotion of “Israeli” interests by providing alleged fabrications against the group at the US conference.

Ghaddar’s speech came to concentrate on Hizbullah and provide false accusations and improper facts against the Resistance. Through her speech, Ghaddar believed that she unveiled the “details” of Hizbullah’s plans with the Lebanese army to control the country, as well as the “secret Iranian plans” for the region.
Speaking on Iran, Ghaddar said, “The moderates will dissolve on both sides and the huge gap created by the absence of the US and the West- all the moderate powers in the world- is also going to be filled by this ‘extremism.'”

Hence, while speaking about the alleged fabrications against Hizbullah, Ghaddar seemed to turn a blind eye to the crimes committed by the terrorist groups in Syria, who are being backed by the “moderate” US and several western countries in the world. Ironically, therefore, it seems that Ghaddar has failed to speak about the same “moderate” powers as being a great contributing cause for the effect of the great number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon today.

Instead, Ghaddar chose to speak against Hizbullah above any other subject related to the Syrian refugee crisis, thus furthering the interests of her supporters at the conference- particularly Barak- against what seems to be the ‘common enemy’ of the Lebanese Now Journalist and the “Israeli” minister alike.

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