Baqeri: Iran never quit G5+1 talks

Deputy Secretary of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Baqeri said on Thursday that Iran has never quit negotiations with the Group 5+1 and it has a transparent nuclear program.

Baqeri made the remarks at a press conference in Moscow on Thursday.

“In case the Group 5+1 is ready, we are also ready to continue to our negotiations at a specified time and place as agreed upon by the negotiating sides,” he added.

Referring to the fact that there is nothing new in latest report of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) about Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, Baqeri noted that IAEA’s report is completely politicized.

He went on to say that IAEA’s recent report on Iran’s nuclear activity is repetition of the previous allegations that they made four years ago and Iran provided documented and transparent responses to them at that time.

“Another problem with IAEA’s report is that despite Iran’s written notice of its readiness to remove all the ambiguities regarding its nuclear activities, IAEA Secretary General Yukio Amano has not replied to Iran,” the official added.

Baqeri pointed out that nothing has been mentioned about Iran’s readiness to cooperate with IAEA with regard to removing the ambiguities in IAEA’s report.

“Another important point is that all the alleged documents of IAEA are fake,” he added.

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