Bogdanov: Russia Rejects Foreign Military Intervention in Syria, Supports Comprehensive Dialogue

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Michael Bogdanov on Tuesday stressed that his country is regretful towards the double standards policy adopted in estimating the developments of the events in different countries away from the principles of the UN Charter and the resolutions of the Security Council.

In an statement to SANA Correspondent in Moscow, Bogdanov said that Russia rejects the foreign military interference in Syria as it knows from the experience in Libya what the military intervention yielded of destruction and war scenario under the umbrella of protecting the civilians.

He stressed the importance that all the parties concerned in Syria and outside it and the international community and the Security Council should work for preventing the war and the deterioration of the situation in Syria which would lead to a civil war.

He added ” Russia is not of course a member of the Arab League, but it knows from the international experiences in different parts of the world that the sanctions don’t lead to achieving the hoped-for results, but to the contrary they would further complicate the situation and would affect the life of the nations, therefore, Russia believes that the parties concerned should be involved in a constructive dialogue based on the reason and the true interests of the homeland and the people…This is what gives all of us the opportunity to find suitable solutions.”

He indicated to his county’s support to the plan of the joint Arab action which rejects any foreign meddling in Syria’s internal affairs, and to starting a comprehensive dialogue between all the Syrians.

He added that Russia is in contact with the Syrian leadership, the opposition and the all sides of the Syrian society, indicating that the political will constitutes the basis for the dialogue between all the sides in Syria, and that the Syrian leadership recognizes this and expresses readiness to make tangible and effective steps in this regard.

He expressed regret towards the rejection of dialogue with the Syrian leadership by the Syrian opposition which is supplied with money, weapons and media coverage from abroad, calling upon all the Syrian bodies to hold a dialogue on the reforms required for all the Syrian society and to crystallize a new constitution and to develop the social life in the society.

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