Breaking: Syrian Army captures 5 towns in eastern Idlib

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) managed to capture five more towns in the Idlib countryside this week after announcing the seizure of Saraqib on Thursday.

According to the latest field report from the Idlib Governorate, the Syrian Army captured the towns of Huwayr Al-‘Eis, Abad, Tal Tabariz, Muharim, and Khuweiri after a short battle with the jihadist rebels in eastern Idlib.

The Syrian Arab Army is now working to take control of the last areas under the control of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) and their allies in the eastern countryside of the Idlib Governorate.

At the same time, the Syrian Army is preparing to push further north towards the key Taftanaz Airbase and west towards the city of Ariha along the Aleppo-Latakia Highway (M-4).

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