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Caracas: Washington cannot prevent us from building relations with Iran

The Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro reacted with defiance towards new sanctions by the United States, due to a growing relationship between Venezuela and Iran.

The Foreign Ministry of Venezuela condemned the announcement of new sanctions against Maduro and described the move as a new aggression against the country.

“Caracas rejects and condemns before the international community the new American aggression, and the announcement of unilateral sanctions against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, without any reason as part of the ongoing campaign against Iran, Venezuela and the multilateral United Nations system,” the statement of the Foreign Ministry stressed.

The statement pointed out that Venezuela reaffirms its continued commitment to the United Nations and its commitment to the decisions taken legally and collectively within the framework of this organization.

Iran has been an important partner for Venezuela following aggressive sanctions against the country.

While Venezuela is going through a fuel crisis caused by sanctions, corruption and an economic crisis, the Islamic Republic of Iran has come to aid, supplying fuel and other materials to help bridge the crisis.

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