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Chavez warns Colombia not to attack Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has warned Colombia not to attack his country.

Addressing the Colombian bourgeoisie, Chavez said on Sunday that Bogota is preparing an attack on his country. He warned them, saying that if an attack on Venezuela takes place, “you will regret it. We are not disarmed nor are we sitting here with our arms crossed.”

He told his countrymen that they must be calm but fully alert as Colombia has sent two army battalions to the Venezuelan border.

Also, the Yankees are setting up seven bases across Colombian territory and are moving their planes to Aruba and Curacao, he said in his weekly “Alo Presidente” television show.

He went on to say that the US military, in preparation for a possible attack, has sent intelligence agents, war ships, and spy planes to Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire, which are self-governing Dutch islands.

The US has given billions of dollars in aid to its ally Colombia, ostensibly to help it fight guerrillas and drug traffickers. President Alvaro Uribe says the new base deal is just an extension of existing military cooperation for operations limited to Colombian territory.

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