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China may apply cybersecurity law to ban US tech firms: Report

China is pondering measures to impose bans on the operations of giant technology firms from the United States, a new report shows.

The South China Morning Post said in a report on Friday that a new series of laws on cybersecurity were being introduced by Chinese authorities which could cause tech firms from the US to face extensive bans in China.

The report said China’s Cyberspace Administration released a draft version of Cybersecurity Review Measures on Friday which would require all major information technology shareholders in the country to give their evaluation on the national security risks associated with purchase of foreign products and services.

The publication of the draft law comes amid an intensified trade war between China and the US. The two countries have imposed repeated import bans on each other’s certain goods and services.

US President Donald Trump issued a recent executive order in which he gave some far-reaching powers to authorities to ban the export of hi-tech products and services to “foreign adversaries” that are deemed a national security risk.

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Experts said China’s new laws on cybersecurity could be a harsh response to Washington’s efforts to have access to higher levels of technology.

The announcement of new measures also comes amid a row between Beijing and Washington on activities of Chinese telecommunication company Huawei. Based on Trump’s last week order, the firm could face restrictions in accessing certain American products, including chips manufactured by Intel and Qualcomm or operating system used on its mobile phones which is produced by Google.

China’s draft law on cybersecuirty will remain online for public feedback until June 24. It comes as part of a wider review to existing Chinese laws which had been passed in June 2017.

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