Commander: Iranian Army Increases Range of Helicopter-Mounted Missiles

Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force Brigadier General Kiomars Heidari announced on Monday that the Army’s Airborne Unit has boosted the range of missiles fired by helicopters.

“Today, the range of Army Airborne Unit’s missiles has increased to a very desirable level and we have achieved self-sufficiency in the field of night-vision systems and we can fly over night and destroy targets,” General Heidari said, addressing a meeting in Tehran today.

He described the Iranian Army’s Airborne Unit as the biggest helicopter fleet in the Middle-East.

Elsewhere, General Heidari also said that the Iranian experts at the defense ministry in cooperation with other industries inside the country have managed to overhaul 33 helicopters for future missions.

General Heidari had announced in 2018 that the Army’s Airborne Unit had tripled the range of missiles mounted on its helicopters.

“Three major changes have been made in the Airborne Unit, including, equipment of helicopters with night-vision systems, tripling the range of missiles mounted on them and increasing the speed of overhaul,” General Heidari told reporters in Tehran at the time.

He also underlined that the country has established the most powerful helicopter fleet in the region.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Airborne unit has paved the path of progress very well since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in a way that today, we have the most powerful helicopter fleet in the Middle-East,” General Heidari added.

He stressed that the army’s Airborne unit is always ready to defend the country against different threats, including the terrorist groups.

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