Costa Rica warns of imminent civil war in Honduras

Costa Rica’s President Oscar Arias has warned that the power struggle in Honduras could expand into a full fledge ‘civil war’.

Arias, whose country is mediating between ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya and the interim president of the coup government Roberto Micheletti, made the remarks on Sunday in San Jose.

Zelaya’s delegation in San Jose called an end to the Cost Rica-mediated talks after representatives of Honduras’ de facto government rejected Arias’ proposal according to which Zelaya would go back as president at the head of a “reconciliation” government ahead of early elections.

Zelaya and Micheletti have both declared themselves as the sole legitimate president of Honduras.

Zelaya made and attempt to fly back to Honduras on July 5 on a plane borrowed from his strongest ally, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, but had to abort the landing when Honduran military vehicles parked on the runway.

Micheletti’s government has vowed to arrest and prosecute Zelaya for treason and 17 other charges, should he violate terms of his exile and return to Honduras. oscar-arias

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