Delegation of Global March to Quds due to in Iran Delegation of Global March to Quds due to in Iran

Hossein Shaikhol-Eslam, the Secretary of the Iranian national board for the Global March to Jerusalem (GM2J), emphasized that the Global March to al-Quds is a symbol representing the protests of the different movements from the free nations of the world against the occupation, oppression, injustice and Judaization of Al-Quds.

He announced the arrival of the caravan in Iran as 24th of Isfand (March 14).
Shaikhol-Eslam also underlined that the present step needs to be taken into consideration by all anti-Zionist groups.

He stated that the movement which consists of different nations will go towards the boundaries of the occupying regime from Lebanon , Syria , Jordan and Egypt.

In their masses, alongside the Palestinian refugees which reside in the mentioned countries, on the 10th of Farvardin (March 30), they will go towards the closest possible point to al-Quds, he added.

Global March to Jerusalem (GM2J) on 30 March, will be rolled out on National Land Day in Palestine.

The International Committees of the GM2J also announced that more than 150 international figures would act as the members of the International Advisory Board for the march, and that these activists will participate in the march, whether in the marches set off in their own countries or those in the Middle East to raise the issue of Al-Quds as being a city that belongs to all three main religions – Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

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