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Deputy of Egypt top Mufti: Issuing Takfiri statements is due to pursuit of fame and power

n00154730-bMajdi Ashoor, secretary of fatwa at Egypt’s Dar al-Fatwa (fatwa center) and deputy of the grand Mufti of Egypt referred to some recent religious statements which are issued in a political appearance which has led to launching a center to observe the religious statements, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” The center called “Observatory of Takfir” is launched to study the views and fatwas issued to encourage violence and murder.”

He announced that more than 150 Takfiri statements have been studied by the center out of which a majority has been about waging intrigue and calling the people for homicide.

Majdi Ashoor added,” Those who issue these statements are pursuing power and reputation and all their fatwas are based on their personal interests and not the interests of the people because in general Takfiri Fiq’h views everything based on personal interests.”

Ashoor highlighted the difference between personal and religious views and that Egypt is after creating a religious society and not a Takfiri one because some political fatwas are clad in religion and provided for the people.

Deputy of Egypt grand Mufti stressed,” Takfiri statements are proof that those who issue them are not logically and scientifically qualified to the point that they lack the least scientific criterion for issuing religious statements. “adding, ” That is the reason all their statements lead to some destruction of society since takfir is the gate to homicide and bloodshed.”

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