Days of Victory

Diary of August 2 2006: Battlefield Confrontation in Ayta Al Shaab

On August 2 2006 the Islamic Resistance foiled several ground offensives by the Zionist enemy in Ayta Al Shaab, giving the enemy the bitter taste of defeat. The Zionists failed to infiltrate the town through three flashpoints: Al Raheb, Shwait-Ayta Forest and Hadab Ayta.

Advancing elite Zionist soldiers fell in an ambush set up by the Islamic Resistance men. Enemy infiltrators incurred 20 casualties dead and wounded, a tank and a bulldozer were destroyed.

In the afternoon a Zionist force advanced towards the town’s school and fell in a tight ambush by the Islamic Resistance. 15 casualties were counted among the advancing force. In the enemy’s attempt to extract their dead and wounded, the Mujahideen targeted them with rockets inflicting their ranks with more casualties.

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