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Division leads Muslims to be subjegated

“Showdowns and conflict among Ummah provides the ground for despotic governors to manipulate them,” said Director of Taqrib News Agency.

“Showdowns and conflict among Ummah provide the ground for despotic governors to subjugate and manipulate them,” said Hojjatol Islam Mohammad Mahdi Taskhiri, Director of Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Speaking in a meeting with a visiting Egyptian delegation to Tehran, Hojjatol Islam Taskhiri pointed to the Quranic teachings and instructions and underlined,” the teaching of Quran and Islam orders us to unify.”

“For instance Muslims are ordered to participate in the religious ceremony of Hajj which reunites Muslims together,” said the Islamic Scholar.

Hojjatol Islam Taskhiri pointed to the spectacular role of Islamic Revolution of Iran and said,” Islamic Revolution of Iran, from day one, invited all Muslims to be unity and rapprochement and in this arena took effective practical steps.”

“The most conspicuous duty of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought, which is not hard to spot, is making rapprochement among all Muslim nations, the TNA director said.

Hojjatol Islam Mohammad Mahdi Taskhiri went on, “for accomplishing such aim fairly widespread of activities are requisite such as holding and taking part in conferences and seminars, negotiating with other organizations in international summits and studying the practical solutions for more cooperation among Muslims.”

“The Muslim unity organization also takes impressive steps in publishing books and Journals on the subject of unity among Muslim nations,” Hojjatol Islam Taskhiri amplified.

He went on,” it is incumbent upon Muslims to refrain from division and using words lead to division among Islamic denominations.”

“If Muslims prevent divisions on minimal issues, they can stand against the enemies who try to lagging them behind,” Hojjatol Islam Mohammad Mahdi Taskhiri underscored.

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