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Due to blessing of Gen. Soleimani’s blood, Resistance movement is now more thriving

On Saturday morning, January 1, 2022, the family of General Soleimani and the officials of the General Soleimani Commemoration Conference met with Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution. In this meeting, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated that truthfulness and sincerity are the essence, symbol and emblem of Martyr Soleimani’s school of thought. In pointing out that Haj Qasem is a role model for the youth in the region, he said, “Dear Soleimani was and still is the most popular figure in the nation and in the world of Islam.”

Imam Khamenei described the martyrdom of General Soleimani as being an event that was important for the nation and for the Islamic world. He added, “The people’s innovative commemoration of Haj Qasem’s martyrdom throughout Iran is indicative of the leading role the nation plays in appreciating that great martyr.”

Citing various verses from the Holy Qur’an, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said, “Truthfulness and sincerity are what make up and form the Soleimani school of thought. These characteristics caused both his life and his martyrdom to be blessed. The quality of his martyrdom too proved the correctness of his cause to both the servants of God and the enemies of Islam.”

He emphasized that General Soleimani’s genuine commitment and loyalty to his pledge with God, his sincere interactions with Imam Khomeini and his loyalty to the ideals of Islam and the Revolution were a source of blessings for his activities, “The dear General of the Iranian nation endured all the hardships on the path of his ideals with all his heart and soul. He was meticulously careful about his duty toward the Iranian nation and the Islamic nation throughout his entire lifetime.”

Criticizing those who willingly or unwillingly pursue the enemy’s plot to promote the dualism of “the nation” and “the Islamic nation,” the Leader said, “Haj Qasem proved that one can be the most caring about his nation and the Islamic nation at the same time.”

Imam Khamenei referred to the presence of tens of millions of people in General Soleimani’s burial ceremony and added, “This reality shows that Haj Qasem was and still is the most popular person in the nation. Furthermore, the increasing influence his name and memory have in the world of Islam prove that dear Soleimani was and still is the most popular personality throughout the world of Islam.”

Imam Khamenei described Qasem Soleimani as being a manifestation of endeavor and untiring, astonishing work. He explained, “The heroic General of the Iranian nation enjoyed an envious level of courage and bravery and at the same time rationality in his endless activities. Having a thorough understanding of the enemy and its resources and equipment, he would enter the field of battle without a shred of fear and with complete power and acumen, and he would do amazing things.”

The Leader stated that the nation’s admiration for General Soleimani stemmed from his loyalty to his pledge with God. The Leader of the Islamic Revolution described sincerity and working for God as being other qualities of Martyr Soleimani and stated that they were a reason for him receiving incredible blessings in his activities, “He would shun being seen and he was not a man for bluffing and pretension. That burial ceremony with the participation of tens of millions of people and his fame throughout the world were the first divine rewards for his purity in this world.”

He pointed to the fact that Martyr Soleimani has turned into a role model and champion for the youth of the world of Islam and stressed, “Today in our region, Soleimani is a symbol of hope, self-confidence and bravery and a manifestation of resistance and victory. As some people have correctly pointed out, ‘Martyr’ Soleimani is more dangerous than ‘General’ Soleimani for his enemies.”

Imam Khamenei added, “The enemies used to think that by martyring Soleimani, Abu-Mahdi and their comrades, everything would be over. But today, thanks to the blessings from that invaluable, innocent blood, the US has fled from Afghanistan. In Iraq, it was forced to pretend that it had intended to withdraw its forces and to announce an advisory role without any military presence. Of course, the Iraqi brothers should pursue this matter vigilantly. In Yemen, the Resistance force is advancing. In Syria, the enemy is faced with a dead end and has no hope for the future. In general, the Resistance and anti-imperialist movement in the region is moving forward in a stronger, more dynamic, more hopeful way than two years ago.” 

Citing an example of Martyr Soleimani’s affectionate behavior toward the children of martyrs, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution narrated, “While that dear martyr behaved very kindly toward the families of martyrs, he was also so determined and severe when facing domestic and foreign malicious, corrupt individuals that even the news of his presence in a certain area would destroy the enemy’s morale.”

His Eminence stressed that the Arrogant Powers’ efforts to eliminate any mention of Martyr Soleimani from the internet shows their fear of even the name of that martyr and their fear of this valuable role model being promoted and imitated. He went on to say, “In today’s world, the internet is in the hands of the Arrogant Powers. This reality should cause the officials in charge of the internet inside the country to be aware so that they may do something to prevent the enemy from doing whatever he wants in the internet wherever he wants.”  

He described Martyr Soleimani as being an eternal reality that will live forever and continued on to say, “His assassins – including Trump and the like – will be forgotten in history and disappear in history’s trash can, but of course after having received retribution in this world for the crime they committed.”

Praising the activities of the family, friends and comrades of Martyr Soleimani – in particular, General Qaani, the Commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps – in their pursuance and advancement of the auspicious line of the Resistance, Imam Khamenei stated, “God has promised those who move on the path of His will and cause that He will help them. This encouraging promise is for the Iranian nation as well.”

Before the statements of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ms. Zaynab Soleimani, Martyr Soleimani’s daughter and the Director of the Martyr Soleimani Foundation, delivered a report describing the activities of this Foundation and also the steps taken by the people’s association for commemorating the second anniversary of the martyrdom of the Martyrs of Resistance.

In addition, General Salami, the Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, described Martyr Soleimani as being a living, inspiring reality for the youth of the Islamic nation. He said, “With that crime, the enemy was trying to distinguish the light of the Resistance. But the miracle that was brought about due to the blood of these glorious martyrs, caused the Resistance to advance and the enemy to be pushed back in all fronts of confrontation.”

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