East Tehran girl hunter executed

East Tehran girl hunter executed
The hunter of Tehran girls in the eastern part of the city has been executed. He was convicted in two charges of murder.
Ali, the convict was 24 years old, had murdered two girls, Neda and A’azam in December 2005, and injured five other girls with his knife; all these girls survived the attack.

In an evening of October 21, 2005, Tehran criminal police was informed that a 21 years old girl, name Neda, had been murdered, in front of her house in Shahid Babaie Highway. She was stabbed with knife and lying on the ground. She died in the hospital of her wounds after a few hours.

During ensuing police investigation for the killer of Neda, on that day, police was informed that another young girl had been attacked by an unknown man and injured in east Tehran. She survived the onslaught. She gave an account of the attacker to police. “When I left my work to go home on the east side of Tehran, a young man suddenly attacked me from behind, and stabbed me on the back with his knife.”

Nobody knew the stabbing young man, until another young girl had been stabbed with knife on east part of Tehran, and survived the inevitable death through surgical operation.

According to police, a young girl under police instruction made a date with the alleged attacker to meet. Police had sundered the area and the young girl was under close surveillance, once the alleged attacker showed up, he was arrested.

With the approval of the verdict by the head of the Judiciary, the convict was executed in Tehran’s Madani Square early morning Wednesday.

All present in the square, especially the families of the victims, chanted slogans in thanking the Judiciary for the execution.

Islam has given capital punishment for killing another innocent individual, and according to verses in Quran, the verdict is for ‘our protection.’

According to Islamic criminal law, only victims’ family could stop the execution verdict, and once the victims’ family forgive the convict, then his live would be spared and he will not be executed.

Iran’s strong discipline in correcting criminals has decreased the number of crimes, especially homicide, to lower than that of Western countries, especially the US.

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