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Envoy urges Japan to abide by UNSC

Iranian Ambassador to Tokyo Abbas Araqchi urges Japan to comply with the UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions following Tokyo’s decision to impose unilateral sanctions against Tehran.

“It is expected that Japanese statesmen act wisely and rationally about the unilateral sanctions, which the US is campaigning for their international adoption,” Araqchi told Fars News Agency on Sunday.

The Iranian envoy further pointed out that Japan should take its long-term interests into considerations.

According to Araqchi, Japanese officials are well aware of developments in the Middle East, particularly in Iran.

“So, it is still expected that the Japanese government makes decisions based on international regulations and refrain from adapting unilateral sanctions beyond the Security Council,” he noted.

The Iranian diplomat said that punitive measures by the United States and the European Union beyond the UNSC sanctions have questioned efficiency of the body.

He added that countries like Japan which have a better understanding of regional developments should not “fall into the US trap and repeat a failed experience.”

Araqchi called on Japanese officials to recommend their American friends that the path of sanctions will be “unsuccessful.”

“The Iranian government and nation have proved that they will never respond to threats, sanctions and pressure but they are ready to cooperate based on respect,” he said.

On Tuesday, the Japanese government imposed a series of new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program in addition to a fourth round of UNSC resolution in June, including a freeze on the assets of 40 organizations and one individual.

The Islamic Republic has stressed that sanctions have no impact on its economy, saying they will only hurt those countries which have taken such measures against Iran.

In addition to voting in favor of UNSC sanctions resolution, Japan says it may take further steps against Iran’s nuclear activities.

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