Erdogan Says Asked Trump to Supply Turkey with Munitions for Idlib Operation

Erdogan has shared that he asked US President Donald Trump to aid Turkey in its military operation in Syria’s Idlib by supplying ammunition to its forces deployed there.

He also expressed hope that upcoming talks with Moscow on the situation in the province will result in an “immediate ceasefire in Syria”.

US Secretary of Defence Mark Esper stated on Monday that the US will not be providing any air support to Turkey’s military operation Spring Shield in Idlib, but admitted that humanitarian support was discussed in the White House.

Later, US special representative for Syria James Jeffrey, said that apart from humanitarian support, Washington will be supplying Ankara’s forces with ammunition as a NATO ally.

Idlib has been for weeks, scene for fierce battles between Turkish-backed terrorists and Syrian Army.

The Syrian Army has stepped up its operations aimed at regaining control of the northwestern province, the last stronghold of Takfiri militants, with Ankara offering all forms of support to terrorists even deploying its forces in the area.

Source: Sputnik

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