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Experts: Europe can do without Britain

European experts believe the EU should not wait for Britain to leave the bloc; rather they should kick the UK out, as it has done more damage to Europe than Greece.

Britain’s performance vis-à-vis the European Union (EU) as far as issues like the Iraq war, the financial crisis, human rights issues and etc. are concerned clearly makes the case for the EU not to wait for the UK to leave.

Moreover, a recent poll showed that 50 percent of the British public favors disintegration as well, according to the experts.

The UK government under former Prime Minister Tony Blair led Europe into the disaster of the Iraq war, which itself has been contributing to the loss of integrity and the shattering of European unity.

The UK’s banks and collapsed housing market led the world to the brink of global Armageddon. Along with their American counterparts, British hedge funds and banks unleashed financial cluster bombs known as derivatives, credit default swaps and other exotic investment vehicles that blew up in the world’s face.

The UK has been one of the worst foot-draggers when it comes to reforming the financial sector to ensure that disaster does not strike a second time.

The UK’s economy remains in a nosedive as it struggles under the heels of the coalition government’s austerity drive; and its growth is more sluggish than any other EU member state.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister David Cameron’s policies have not only failed to revive the economy but also resulted in widespread looting and arson by a distressed population of young people.

Steve Hilton, Cameron’s strategy director, has suggested that the UK should ignore EU labour rules on the length of the working week and temporary workers.

Thus, Britain is becoming the type of partner that Europe can do without – a long-faded empire with a failing track record, experts believe.

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