Gaza officials declare state of emergency

Gaza officials have just declared a state of emergency as the economy reaches brink of complete collapse.

Residents of the Gaza Strip now face the unprecedented consequences Israel’s – eleven year – ongoing Seige. Despite the fact that the Israeli state is obliged by international law, to maintain a sound liveable condition for the residents it besieges, it has acted to purposefully strangle the civilian population of Gaza.

The Mayor of Gaza, Nizar Hejazi, said at a news conference; “Much of the financial aid has been cut, which has halted basic services linked to fuel and sanitation…”

Nizar Hejazi was referring to the recent cuts from UNRWA, a department of the United Nations set up for specifically dealing with Palestinian refugees.

Gaza now faces an unemployment rate of above 50%, whilst more than 80% of the population are identified as living in poverty.

Gaza’s sewerage system has now become completely over-run and has forced officials to announce that raw untreated sewerage will now be, all directly, pumped into the sea.

Crime has also increased in Gaza due to the abject poverty, 97% of the water in undrinkable, the sole power plant in Gaza cannot operate due to lack of fuel and electricity is also only available between 2-6 hours per day.

The United Nations Security Council yesterday addressed the humanitarian crisis, but there is yet to be any action taken for the desperate population of the Gaza Strip.

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