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Gen. Soleimani: War on Iran means US annihilation


Commander of the IRGC Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani says war with Iran is synonymous to the US annihilation.

Addressing the US President Donald Trump on Thursday, Soleimani said in a ceremony, held in memory of a group of martyrs, ‘We wait for you and we are men of the battlefield. You do know that war is a sign of removal of all your facilities.’
He said, ‘Therefore, you should not insult Iranian nation and the president of the country; you should know what you say; ask your ancestors and use their experience.’
He went on announcing, ‘Inside the US, there are many think tanks that study and investigate issues to notify their president.’
‘Do not threaten us of killing because we are thirsty of martyrdom. Today, you gather the hypocrites and the anti-revolutionaries, that are trashes thrown out by Iranian nation, and you are attached to them.’
‘You are committing a big blunder because you do know Iran’s potential and power in the region and in many wars.’
Also referring to the US President’s recent tweet message that threatened Iran of taking tough reaction, Soleimani said it will not be worthy of the president of the great Islamic country of Iran to give response to Trump whose literature is street talks.
‘So, as soldier of this nation, I do respond to him (Trump): Do you threaten us of taking an unprecedented action, whereas the military commanders, policy makers and heads of the CIA and security organizations should be asked what they have done in the past several decades?’
He said when speaking to China, Europe, Russia and the world, one feels a ‘gambler’ is busy speaking and this means acting against dignity of a nation.
‘I question this person, who claims doing something unprecedented, you do not have a precedence and due to your mental engagement, do not even ask your ancestors; you had better ask military commanders, policy makers and heads of the security organizations and CIA in order not to make any claim out of ignorance; What you have not done in the 20 years that you could? After 9/11 you invaded a weak organization having the most basic military weapons in Afghanistan, using 110,000 forces, thousands of tanks, personnel carriers, military facilities, hundreds of planes and military aircraft. In Afghanistan, American forces turned weddings to mourning ceremonies and leveled villages to ground and killed ordinary people. Since, 2001 you mobilized the world and claimed anyone who is not with us is with terrorists. What a damn you did?’
Elsewhere in his remarks, Soleimani told Trump that Americans committed the most heinous crimes of the Middle Ages in Iraq, entering houses with tanks and running over their dwellers. ‘You caused Abu Ghreib prison incident.’
He also recalled the US crimes in Gaza and also war on Yemen and killing of civilians and said, ‘Not Iran and its armed forces, but I and the Quds force are your foe; It is not a single night that we remain sleepless without thinking of you.’
‘I tell you to know we are in your vicinity that you do not imagine because Iranians are the nation of martyrdom and of Imam Hossein (AS) and we have left behind hard events.’

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