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Great Satan US Preparing Kurds to Confront Syrian Army


 The US continues military aid to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to prepare them for confrontation against the Syrian army in Eastern Damascus, media sources reported on Thursday.

The Arabic-language al-Hadath news website reported that the US forces delivered a new cargo of weapons, including mid-range missiles, to the SDF through the border passage between Syria and Iraq, Simalka, last Sunday.

It added that given the field information in regions controlled by the Kurds and the fact that the ISIL has lost a major part of its military power on the Eastern bank of the Euphrates river, delivering weapons to the Kurdish forces is possibly aimed at preparing them for battle against the Syrian army or the Turkish army and its affiliated militants who are involved in the Euphrates Shield military operation in Syria.

The news website, meantime, added that Washington might also be after trade objectives through the military aid to the Kurds so that it will receive a large amount of inexpensive oil for selling its weapons to the Kurds in line with attempts to create a federal system in Northern Syria.

Also, the developments in Eastern Syria indicate that Washington is seeking new strategies for battle in Syria to attain its goals after the terrorist groups were defeated by the Syrian army in different fronts and wants to display the Kurds as the number one enemy of Damascus by provoking the SDF commanders to utter harsh words which create more tension.

A number of SDF gunmen were killed or wounded in the fight against the Ankara-backed militants in Northeastern Aleppo on Monday.

The Turkey-backed Thowar al-Shoyoukh Battalion affiliated to the Free Syrian Army stormed the positions of the SDF in al-Tokhar near the al-Sajor River near the town of Manbij in Northeastern Aleppo and managed to prevail over their strongholds.

A number of the SDF fighters were killed and tens of others were wounded in the clashes.

Also, two SDF fighters, along with their weapons and equipment, were captured by the Ankara-backed militants.

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