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Growing influence of Islam upsetting US-led Western powers

Just how powerful is Islam? If something has said anything of immense value that amounts to a revelation in the recent past, it is the worldwide attention given to blasphemous acts against Islam. From the caricatures of the prophet to the doomed Quran-burning event to the recent Innocence of Muslims video, one thing becomes clear. Islam is powerful.

From the moment the Rural American priest announced his threat to publicly burn copies of the holly Quran on the anniversary of 9/11, his mad intentions had arguably taken center stage in the world Media, world public domain and even appreciable number of world leaders.

The revelation was simply that presently Islam holds an undisputable place among the many forces influencing and running the globe’s affairs. The supposed event had ironically set new reality that made the plots for a new world order whereby Islam is marginalized was effectively transformed into a joke.

The reaction to events that insulted either the prophet of Islam or the book of Islam highlighted a few facts that points to a new reality in the world. Firstly, it made it clear that the Quran burning; the caricatures of the prophet and other forms of attacks on Islam are no go areas for anyone; notably, the reaction was most severe in the Quran burning event; it was made loud and clear that the Quran is one book with serious defenders.

It undoubtedly showed us that the major encapsulation of Islam’s teachings, the Quran, holds a truly special place so much so that even moderate Muslims would not tolerate any attempts to disrespect it. Simply put, we learn that Islam’s sanctities have the most formidable protection at every corner.

Second, the fear exhibited by American leaders at all levels in the form of their repeated appeals for the event’s cancellation, from military men such as Major General Petreus and the American Secretary of defense, to highest ranks of American politicians such as Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton and even Obama himself, is a clear evidence that Islam is a force to be reckoned with and more importantly the fact that world leaders and the public at large is aware of that new reality.

To have the US defense top man make a phone call to a lunatic whose sanity and intelligence levels were questionable and practically beg him to cancel the event is truly a striking revelation about the fear Islamists inflict.

Thirdly, is the fact that, just as happened of concerted bad-mouthing of Islam in the 9/11 aftermath which made the Quran sales skyrocket in the West, the very actions taken against Islam seem to be the major factors in its promotion and its endorsement.

In a world where Christianity is progressively losing its footing with the unending sexual scandals and other challenges while Islam is being promoted by such vengeful acts and other more proactive means by Muslims, it is safe to argue that if not yet the case, Islam is soon to become THE world religion. The New “New World Order” is upon us.

As world braced for lash backs and media focused its lenses on that small village in Florida or on the more recent Innocence of Muslims film, so was the world made to focus on the message of Mohammad to humanity, Islam and its constitution, the Quran.

As politicians discussed the matters behind closed doors as was clear in the sequence of the appeals made by the highest ranking American officials from low to higher as the Zero Hour for the burning approached, so was the world learning what the true wait and place of Islam in the world.

Seeing the American government and other world leaders panicking in such a frantic manner must have been a clear sign that the hardcore Islam is a major force and that Islam is the only ideology that commenting on or discussing publicly requires extra-extra care.

With the historical inclination of Western powers and Israel to plot against any force that it saw as a rival as was the case with the Soviet Union and presently China and Iran, it is logical to conclude that a force that causes such noise and worldwide reaction to just the idea of burning copies of its scriptures must be in their highest agendas.

If there were, in the past, special committees’ in the West set-up to study ways to subdue Islam, now they must be far busier as a consequence of the idea of a priest who wished to take a shot at fifteen minutes of fame or the makers of Innocence of Muslims who wished to make a quick buck; actions that consequently drew a vivid picture of the undisputable support and strength of ISLAM..

The new realities set by the revolutions of the past few years which end up with the Islamists making strong political gains as is the case in Egypt, hints to the fact that Muslims themselves wish to revert back to the rule of Islam as other copied doctrines have not been fruitful.

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