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HAJJ MASSACRE: Revealing New Details of Mina Disaster

Revealing New Details of Mina Disaster
Revealing New Details of Mina Disaster


A Saudi famous activist, referring to the secrecy of Saudi Arabia on the actual number of people killed in “Mina disaster”, stressed that the issue of Saud is severely strained.

According to Al-Alam News Network, “Mojtahed”  who has gained popularity and many fans by releasing the secrets behind the ruling family in Saudi Arabia through social networks, has recently released details about the Mina disaster. As it said the priority now is not the research about the tragedy, but all they do is trying to exit the royal family of the dilemma of dealing with dead bodies as any clarification on this subject will reveal the actual number of dead people which is much more than the announced figures.

Mojtahed claimed: “After reviewing the recorded videos and call witnesses, it has been found that this was not a criminal act, and no one was guilty in it.”

However, he pointed out that the result of this research shows that the disaster is a result of failure of management at different levels.

Mojtahed continued: “these disabilities, including an inability to avoid congestion and irregularities in the movement of pilgrims, inability to respond to the warnings, inability to interact appropriately with the beginning of the disaster, and the inability to control the aftermath of the tragedy.”

Mojtahed stressed that there was a lacuna in the central control system, but the system have identified alternative congestion there, and as I mentioned earlier, some officials have been announced through wireless alarms, but no one was held accountable.


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