Haneyya: Someday, the Palestinian people will liberate their land

images_News_2014_02_15_Haneyya-0_300_0Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya said that the Palestinian people sooner or later would settle their conflict with the Israeli occupation and restore their land.

In his Friday khutba (sermon), premier Haneyya stated that the Palestinian people have elements of strength including faith, fortitude and weaponry, the thing which enables them to defeat the occupation.

“The Palestinian people are the maker of events in the Palestinian arena because they are on the land of struggle and the land of Jerusalem,” Haneyya said.

He emphasized that the conflict with the Israeli occupation is not a mere fighting over borders and land, but it is a struggle to defend the nation, the holy sites and the Palestinian identity.

The premier affirmed that there is no conflict or enmity between the Palestinians, but there are political differences that would be gone soon after the departure of the Israeli occupation.

He also highlighted the fact that the Palestinian people have no enemies in Egypt, Syria and Iran.

“We address our internal issues with wisdom, and tackle matters with Arab countries with patience. Our sole and eternal struggle is against the occupation that desecrates the land and holy sites.”

“How can Palestine and Gaza turn into an enemy while we are facing the only Zionist enemy of the nation? How can we stand against the Egyptian people? It is impossible for us to forget what the Zionist aggression had done against Egypt.”

“Egypt would remain the sister of Palestine and its role is indispensable because it gave a lot for the sake of Palestine,” premier Haneyya underscored.

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