Haniyeh calls Egypt to hold Israel responsible for its ‘crimes’


Egypt, who sponsored indirect negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, must hold Israel “responsible for its crimes” in the Gaza Strip, Deputy Chief of Hamas’ Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh said yesterday.

In a statement, Haniyeh asked that “our brethren in Egypt hold the enemy responsible for its crimes against civilians, for our people will not accept anything less than ceasing the aggression and lifting the siege.”

Cairo sponsored indirect negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian delegations in order to reach an agreement for a lasting truce.

Haniyeh said: “We advise all of those who endeavour to attain a ceasefire to attest to the occupation’s treachery and tendency to break promises and the killing of women, children and the extermination of entire families.”

He stressed that “despite the pain in the absence of our leaders and the sadness at their passing, we assure everyone that the history of the movement has proven more than once that when its leaders are assassinated, the movement always comes back stronger than it was, and more firm than its enemies can ever imagine.”

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