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Hezbollah, Amal Warn against ‘Malicious Sedition’: Instigators Investing in Blood of Beirut Port Blast Victims

Hezbollah and Amal Movement warned against a scheme to drag Lebanon into a ‘malicious sedition’, as the country witnessed a bloody day in Tayouneh area, where demonstrators protesting politicization of Beirut Port blast probe came under fire attack.

In a joint statement, the two Lebanese allies said that peaceful protesters who were near Justice Palace in Tayouneh came under fire attack by snipers.

The snipers directed their weapons at the heads of protesters, Hezbollah and Amal Movement said.

“This attack aims to drag the country into an intentional sedition,” the statement said, lashing out at “instigators who are investing in the blood of Beirut Port blast’s victims in a bid to serve their spiteful political interests.”

Hezbollah and Amal Movement, in this context, called on Lebanese Army to shoulder its responsibility in securing the area.

The two allies also urged their supporters to calm down and “not to be drawn into malicious sedition.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Hezbollah and Amal movement called on supporters to stage a rally near the Justice Palace to call for non-politicization of the probe into Beirut Port blast.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Nasrallah slammed the judicial investigator Judge Tarek Bitar last Monday (October 11), accusing him of bias and politicizing the probe.

Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah is keen to reveal the truth in the Beirut Port blast case, but noted that the judicial investigator should take the unbiased judicial course, away from politicization.

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