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Hezbollah Condemns Shea’s ‘Hostile Behavior’: Flagrant Aggression on Lebanon’s Sovereignty

Loyalty to Resistance bloc MP Hassan Fadlallah on Sunday denounced US ambassador’s hostile behavior, calling its statement as “a flagrant aggression on the Lebanese sovereignty and its national dignity.”

Fadlallah said US Ambassador Dorothy Shea’s latest remarks constitute an ‘attack’ on the country’s “sovereignty and dignity,” calling on the foreign ministry to force the ambassador to “respect international law.”

“The Foreign Ministry should compel the ambassador to respect international treaties that define the duties of diplomats,” he pointed out.

“The recent campaign of incitement and misinformation led by the American administration against the majority of the Lebanese people is nothing but a miserable attempt to cover up its conspiracy role against the livelihood of the Lebanese people and their national currency, which was revealed by the Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah,” the MP emphasized.

He indicated herein that Sayyed Nasrallah “has set the correct national framework to confront it [conspiracy role], embarking on a serious national endeavor to open the way for promising economic options for Lebanon outside the American hegemony, which is increasing the tension of American officials and their pressure on Lebanon to prevent it from rising.”

“The Lebanese authorities, at the foremost of which being the Foreign Affairs Ministry, are called upon to take immediate action to compel this ambassador to respect international law, which defines the duties of diplomats, and to abide by the Lebanese laws in force,” the MP asserted.

“This is a matter we will pursue according to the legal frameworks, because the aggressive behavior of this ambassador is daring and unabashed towards the state, and is a challenge to its laws and the rulings of its jurisdiction,” Fadlallah underlined.

In the same context, Head of the Baalbek-Hermel bloc, MP Hussein Al-Hajj Hasan, considered that the ambassador’s remarks represent a blatant aggression against Lebanese sovereignty and a flagrant interference in the Lebanese internal affairs.

Haj Hasan considered that Shea’s comments constitute an explicit violation of diplomatic norms and laws, criticizing some Lebanese have long rushed to criticize some ambassadors but kept mum on the US ambassador’s comments which represented an attack on large groups of the Lebanese people.

The Foreign Ministry has since summoned the US ambassador for a meeting on Monday, a day after Lebanese Judge Mohammad Mazeh placed a yearlong gag order on local and international media outlets in Lebanon to interview US Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea.

During an interview with Saudi-owned news channel Al-Hadath aired on Friday, Shea said the United States has “grave concerns about the role of Hezbollah,” labeling it as “a designated terrorist organization.”

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