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Hezbollah: Gang Ruling US According to Its Interests, Desires and Whims

Commenting on US President National Security Advisor John Bolton’s threats to the International Criminal Court and statements which stressed that the US Constitution is superior to all the international organizations, Hezbollah issued a statement in which it maintained that Bolton’s remarks revealed the American arrogant attitude towards the world countries and organizations.

“Bolton’s statements ended the deception policy used by the consecutive US administrations in dealing with the entire humanity.”

Regardless of the marginal role played by the UN Security Council in dealing with the arrogant states, its incapability to deter them, and its decision-making mechanism monopolized by a number of countries, Bolton confirmed that the United States of America is above all the considerations, according to the statement which added that this means that all the “international law and community” slogans are just used by the US to achieve colonial goals.

Hezbollah also pointed out that Bolton’s remarks stressed that the US policies are based on confiscating the world constitutions and rejection to abiding by the international laws, and that the American mentality follows the law of jungle which glorifies power and crushes the oppressed.

What Bolton has said and Trump has done shows openly that who rules the US is a gang which runs the entire world according to its interests, desires and whims, Hezbollah statement emphasized.

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