Hezbollah Has More Firepower than 95 Percent of World Militaries: Israeli Report

Hezbollah’s surface-to-surface firepower capability is greater than that of 95% of the world’s militaries, a retired Israeli colonel has warned.

In an article in the Jerusalem Post, Eli Bar-On was ‘playing the victim’ that the Lebanese Resistance movement “makes no effort to hide its intention to kill and maim Israeli civilians.”

Accumulating ‘pretexts’ for the Zionist entity’s continuous aggression on Lebanon, the Israeli retired colonel said “Hezbollah has repeatedly declared its intention of sending its elite Radwan Force death squads into the Galilee region, with the mission of attacking civilians.”

He noted that the uncovering of alleged Hezbollah cross-border tunnels in 2018 “exposed just how Hezbollah planned to carry out such an attack.”

“In order to terrorize citizens across the border, Hezbollah publications have shown the group’s terrorists holding signs saying that combat in Syria is merely a “practice run” for their planned cross-border killing raids into Israel,” Bar-On said.

The retired Israeli colonel then touched upon Hezbollah’s military capabilities, by saying that the Lebanese Resistance movement’s arsenal “has grown to 170,000 rockets and missiles, according to some estimates.”

He noted that this arsenal includes unguided short-range projectiles, long-range rockets, and missiles with ranges of more than 300 km.

Describing it as “top-priority conventional threat to Israel”, Bar-On warned that Iran and Hezbollah are “engaged in an effort to build precision-guided munitions (PGMs).”

Citing Israeli military experts, he said Hezbollah “is now in possession of a few dozen precision-guided missiles,” noting that such a capability will allow the Lebanese Resistance group to “conduct pinpoint strikes in any future conflict with Israel and target the country’s top strategic assets.”

“Hezbollah can fire up to 4,000 projectiles a day, compared to a total of fewer than 4,000 rockets fired throughout the entirety of the 34-day conflict in 2006. Its surface-to-surface firepower capability is greater than that of 95% of the world’s militaries,” the retired colonel warned.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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