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Hezbollah Operation on Israeli Convoy Receives Wide Praise


Lebanese, Arab and regional political parties hailed on Wednesday the huge operation carried out by the Islamic Resistance of Hezbollah in the occupied Shabaa Farms, in retaliation for the Zionist aerial raid that targeted a Hezbollah convoy in Syria’s Quneitra 10 days ago.

“Today at 11:25 a.m., ‘Quneitra Honorable Martyrs’ group in the Islamic Resistance attacked an Israeli military convoy in the Lebanese occupied Shabaa Farms, consisting of a number of vehicles and Zionist soldiers and officers, by firing appropriate rockets,” Hezbollah said in Statement-1 shortly after the operation.

It added that a number of vehicles have been destroyed and several casualties occurred within the enemy ranks.

Lebanese Speaker Nabih Berri paised Shabaa operation and has been reported that he was following up the developments in details.

Prime Minister Tammam Slam confirmed that Lebanon stands “in one rank” behind the legitimate armed forces in their mission to defend its territories and the security of its citizens.

He also lashed out at the Zionist aggression and raids against the border Lebanese territories that followed the Resistance operation.

For its part, the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday sternly condemned the Zionist bombing of Lebanon which came in response to the Resistance operation.

“The operation has been launched from the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms and targeted an Israeli military convoy that was present on the Lebanese occupied soil,” the ministry said, stressing that the attack did not violate the Blue Line that was demarcated by the U.N. following the 2006 war.

Palestinian resistance movement of Hamas praised, in a statement on Wednesday, the military operation Hezbollah conducted against the “Israeli military convoy in the occupied Shebaa Farms.”

“This response to the crimes of the Israeli occupation forces is a legitimate right for the Resistance in its fight against terrorism and the hostility of the occupation forces,” the movement indicated in the statement.

Domestic and Palestinian political figures also hailed the ‘blessed operation’ and stressed the right of Hezbollah to retaliate for the murder of the six Lebanese fighters in the enemy raid, including Weam Wahhab – head of Arab Unification party – Faissal Karami – former minister and son of late ex-FM Omar Karami, MP ali Ossayran, former minister Salim Jrayssati, Ossama Saad – Secretary General of Popular Nasserite Organization, Faissal Dawood – Secretary General of Lebanese Arab Struggle Movement, Bilal Taqiyeddine – head of National Reconciliation Party, Abu Imad Al-Rifai, Islamic Jihad representative in Lebanon, Sheikh Houssam Ilani – Imam of Al-Ghofran (forgiveness) mosque in Lebanese city of Sidon and Mohammad Bekaei – media official of PLO in Tyre city in south Lebanon.

The Islamic Action Front, Al-Fajr Movement, Al-Morabitoon and the Syrian Social Nationalist parties also hailed Hezbollah retaliation.

Quneitra brutal attack killed 6 Hezbollah fighters, including commander Mohammad Issa, Abbas Hijazi, Jihad Moughneih – son of late commander martyr Haj Imad Moughneih, Mohammad Ali Abu al-Hassan, Ali Ibrahim and Ghazi Dawi.

An Iranian General, Mohammad Ali Allah-Dadi, also killed in the attack.

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