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Hezbollah-PSP: To Form National Unity Cabinet, Block Syrian Crisis Repercussions


Hezbollah and Progressive Socialist Party officials held a meeting to discuss the latest political developments in Lebanon and the region, according to As-Safir newspaper.

Hezbollah-PSPThe meeting was attended by Hezbollah ministers Mohammad Fneish and Hussein al-Hajj Hassan, as well as MP Hassan Fadlallah, in addition to PSP ministers Ghazi Aridi, Wael Abou Faour and Alaeddin Terro and MP Akram Chehayeb.

According to the Lebanese daily, the discussion focused on the importance of forming a national unity cabinet, preserving internal security, and supporting the Lebanese Armed forces.

The meeting also tackled the repercussions of the Syrian crisis, calling on organizing the differences among the Lebanese parties regarding the conditions in Syria in order to protect Lebanon from their effects.

Caretaker Minister Ghazi Aridi later announced, in a press conference, that the meeting asserted the necessity for all the Lebanese to resort to convergence and dialogue to cope with all the Lebanese troubles.

“Hezbollah-PSP meeting must be a model that could be replicated across Lebanon,” he added.

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