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Hezbollah: Situation in Lebanon Very Dangerous, US Leading Terror in the World

Hezbollah Deputy Chief Sheikh Naim Qassem warned that the situation in Lebanon is “very dangerous,” calling for the formation of a new government in a bid to face the economic collapse in the country.

“Of course the situation in Lebanon is very dangerous, and you can see how people are suffering from the devaluation of the Lebanese currency. Consequently, you can see how the economic and financial situation is collapsing,” Sheikh Qassem told the BBC in an interview on Friday.

“We cannot accept things to continue like this. So for this reason we said very clearly that the government has to be formed in order to put an end for this decline and collapse.”

He lashed out at US meddling in the Lebanese affairs, stressing that Washington is leading the terror in the world.

“Unfortunately there are some who are trying to cause damage to Lebanon, especially the United States. Every two or three days, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo makes statements and says he doesn’t want to see Hezbollah in the government and doesn’t want to see Hezbollah participating in the Lebanese politics and Hezbollah is a part of this people.”

Responding to a question that Pompeo labels Hezbollah as a “terrorist organization,” Sheikh Qassem said: “What concerns us is that how our people view us.”

“Hezbollah in the minds of our people is a resistance that has liberated the land, represents the people in a right way, serves their interests and serve their future as well.”

“We consider that the US is leading the terror in the world. If they (US) designate us as terrorists this doesn’t mean that they are right,” Sheikh Qassem said.

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