Hezbollah, Syrian Army Target Armed Group Trying to Sneak into Zabadani Plain


Hezbollah and the Syrian army forces fought off an armed group trying overnight Tuesday to sneak from the center of Zabadani town to the plain area of the city via the sewers, sources from the field reported on Wednesday.

The 15-member terrorist group was attempting to escape and cause confusion when Hezbollah and Syrian forces detected it.

The military units allowed the gunmen to reach an open space and dealt with them by appropriate weapons, leaving all the group killed or wounded.

New clashes with the armed groups are still ongoing on more than one axis in Zabadani city, in which the Islamic Resistance and the Syrian forces use different weapons.

Hezbollah and the Syrian national military launched a military operation in the city bordering Lebanon, to drive terrorist groups out of the area.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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