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Hezbollah Voices Support to Lebanese Government’s Eurobonds Decision

Deputy Chief of Hezbollah Executive Council Sheikh Ali Daamoush voiced support to the Lebanese government’s decision to withhold debt payments, which include a Eurobond of $1.2 billion maturing on Monday, stressing that it secures liquidity and prevents bankruptcy.

Sheikh Daamoush confirmed Hezbollah rejection of subjecting Lebanon to the International Monetary Fund’s conditions which may never be tolerated by the Lebanese public because it mainly depends on raising taxes, cutting salaries, privatizing the public institutions and liberating the value of the national currency.

His eminence pointed out there are certain options which can improve the economic situation without exposing the Lebanese sovereignty to any blackmail or infringement, highlighting the importance of taking bold decisions that protect the bank deposits of the Lebanese and carry out a reform policy.

Sheikh Daamoush called on the Lebanese authorities to take stricter measures at the airport to cope with coronavirus cases, underling the public awareness in fighting the epidemic.

Sheikh Daamoush reiterated that the Resistance has protected Lebanon from the regional dangers, noting that the political class has failed to sustain the national economy and led it to the current crisis.

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